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About Women’s Resource Center

For more than 40 years, the Women’s Resource Center (WRC) has helped women and girls in southeastern Pennsylvania successfully navigate life’s transitions and inspire others to do the same.  By providing resources, tools, and support for today, we create hope for tomorrow.

Meet Diane

Mom, Carpenter, WRC Client

“I went from being the wife of an addict to seeing myself as someone who could provide.”

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Upcoming Programs

WRC Family Law Guide

Family Law Consultations

Ongoing Weekly

Attend a WRC private 30-minute consultation with a Family Law Attorney to discuss issues involving divorce, custody, child support or other family law matters.

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Sassy’s Blog: Cultivating Happiness in the Midst of Trial

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Sassy's Blog, named for the very astute cat of WRC's Supervisor of Direct Service and Resource Coordination Counselor, Kai Qualls. The theme of the Blog will be Resilience, which is especially timely given our…

Divorce, custody and support during COVID-19

Divorce, custody and support are issues within the realm of Family Law. COVID-19 has created special circumstances in this area. Family Law attorney Jennifer J. Riley spoke with WRC on Women Speak, our local TV show broadcast on MLTV-Main Line…