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Girls’ Leadership Goes to Comcast Spotlight

Each year, participants from our Girls’ Leadership Program at 7 sites take field trip to meet professional women in a work environment and explore career possibilities in a fun and interactive setting. 


In May 2011, volunteer Joanie Hadik of Comcast Spotlight hosted a Girls’ Leadership field trip to the Comcast Spotlight Operations Management Center.



Below is her description of the excitement of that day:


The Reception Area was bustling with energy as approximately 30 teenage girls descended from a bus from Radnor Middle School and arrived at the OMC this morning.  Nancy Zion and Nicole Ottaviano, Guidance Counselors at Radnor along with Ennis Harris, the Girls Leadership Facilitator, accompanied the students.  Excited to be on their last field trip of the year and away from school for part of the day, the girls quickly filled the lobby with sound of teenage chatter.  After everyone signed in, the group was split into two groups and set out across the building to learn about the OMC, the various departments and their functional responsibilities. 


Some asked how much a commercial cost to air while we were in the Traffic Department and thanks to Mary Kennedy and Jacki Malicki’s expertise, their question was answered.  Jacki explained that depending on the type of buy; local vs. interconnect, the network, and the amount of spots, the cost varies.  I asked Mary Kennedy to share what type of experience and educational background she had to qualify for her position, which she explained to the students as well. 



Nancy Zion, one of the counselors noticed that we kept referring to “teams” at the OMC, and asked why they are so crucial to our organization.   We explained the importance of teams and relying on one another for support, guidance and training so that the outcome is beneficial for the company as a whole.   We also explain how it is essential for Comcast to retain employees, the company’s biggest asset, after the investment of training and how the organization strives to promote from within.  By engaging employees through activities such as softball, blood drives, community activities and socializing together, the employees are more apt to stay with a company.


 Kevin Zinck in the MCC was a star as he explained the how Broadcast Networks run their own ads across the DMA versus how Comcast Spotlight can run ads specific to a local zone.  We also stopped by Rachel Eodice’s edit suite where she showed the girls what she does in her role as a Production Coordinator and how she became interested in Broadcast starting with the morning announcements in Middle School and then through College at Temple University.


 We all thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to spend time with the group, listening to the questions, hearing what they had to say and having that youthful spirit here at the OMC. It was an honor to have represented Comcast to this group of young women with “leadership potential.”