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Navigating a Job Search Strategy

Carol Kleiman, of the Attwood/Kleiman Group was the speaker at our free June Career Seminar.


If you missed the session, here is Carol’s strategy for writing a clear and compelling profile statement that can be used as a summary on your resume, or adapted as your polished introduction (elevator speech).


1.        Your profile can (and should) be three strong sentences:


Sentence 1:  An overview of your background


Sentence 2:  Your 3 greatest strengths


Sentence 3:  The 1 thing you are known for


Carol provided the following example:


“Established leader in the Product Development and Marketing of commercially engineered products for both consumer and industrial applications. Demonstrated strengths in strategic thinking, tactical operations and leading cross-functional teams to exceed market expectations.  Recognized by senior management for expertise in reversing struggling product lines to achieve profitability.”


Carol gave participants time to write their own statements, which they then shared in pairs.  Give it a try, and then ask for feedback from trusted family or friends.  You may be pleased to see how much stronger your profile statement sounds, which could lead to your resume getting more attention from prospective employers.