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Knowledge is Power!

“I just want to get my son back!” Kohanna was desperate. Her abusive ex-husband had taken her son and refused to return him. Even though this was a violation of their legal custody agreement, Kohanna didn’t have the money to hire an attorney and she didn’t know how to fight him.

Kohanna turned to WRC’s Family Law Program. Through the program, she gained invaluable information from a pro bono attorney. Equipped with the knowledge and the confidence to represent herself, she headed to court to request a Protection from Abuse order and regain custody of her child.

The following month, Kohanna returned to WRC with a smile on her face. She had won her case! Her son was safely back at home. Her journey is not over, but Kohanna knows that WRC will be there each step of the way. Kohanna, along with 2,475 other women and girls, gained knowledge, resources, and emotional support to tackle the difficulties they faced this past year, thanks to your help.

Did you know?
  • $250 equips one middle school girl with self-confidence and leadership skills through the Girls’ Leadership Program.
  • $125 provides one legal consultation through WRC’s Family Law Program.
  • $50 provides one counseling session to help a woman prepare for her next steps.
  • $25 ensures that the Helpline is available for support and resources for one woman in need.

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