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Fall Appeal-Nancy’s Story

The happy, upbeat voice on the other end of the phone would surprise anyone who knew of Nancy’s* past.

Nancy*, a former client of WRC, says “I gained so much more from Kai and the WRC than from other therapists. She went above and beyond. Her insights were always spot on. I still look at notes I took after our sessions. These are a set of tools that I will carry with me forever.”

Nancy came to Women’s Resource Center (WRC) feeling worthless, powerless to redirect the negative thoughts and patterns affecting her decisions.

Neuroscientists know that because of the neuroplasticity of the brain, it can be retaught, or rewired. This comes in handy during Resource Coordination/Counseling sessions in particular when someone comes in with negative thoughts and habits. The idea that change is possible no matter the situation is empowering.

WRC seeks to empower the women who come through its doors or call its Helpline at every turn because we know this is the first step toward true progress. We have embraced what author and founder Due Quach calls Calm Clarity, a social enterprise that empowers people to develop a mindset that allows them to overcome adversity in any form.

Originally from Wayne, Nancy had been struggling for a long time. Her dad died when she was quite young, something that she had never fully come to terms with. Furthermore, she had entered into a series of negative and manipulative relationships with men who were no good for her and had recently been laid off. Struggling financially and emotionally because of an emotionally abusive boyfriend, hearing about WRC couldn’t have come at a better time. Her friend, who was going through a divorce mentioned the center and Nancy decided to check it out, never knowing how much it would change her life.

Nancy’s “lightbulb” moment occurred when WRC Resource Coordination Counselor Kai Qualls helped Nancy grasp her own self-worth which transformed her whole life. “Despite everything you’ve been through, you’re a diamond. No matter what, you can always wash yourself off,” Kai told Nancy. She stopped seeing her self-worth through the eyes of others.

Finally thriving in her career and personal life, Nancy doesn’t know what she would have done without Kai and the Women’s Resource Center. “I know I deserve to be happy now.”

WRC’s mission is to help women and girls successfully navigate difficult life transitions, providing a helpline, counseling and resource coordination, legal services and a school-based girls’ leadership program.   All services are provided to anyone in need regardless of the ability to pay. A gift of $67 covers the full cost of one session with one of WRC’s Resource Coordinators.

Our goal is to help every woman who comes to WRC to find the tools necessary to better their lives.  I invite you to join the community of women and men who make WRC’s mission possible.