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Statement from WRC’s Board of Directors

We at the Women’s Resource Center will stand in solidarity against racism and discrimination. We believe Black lives matter. We recognize that to do so authentically, we must acknowledge that WRC’s history and development has been primarily informed by the experiences of white women.  In order to work towards solidarity and racial justice, we commit to the following:

·        Listen. Listen with our hearts to understand, and when we don’t understand, listen more intently.

·        Reflect. Be self-aware, recognize our implicit bias, and acknowledge systemic racism.

·        Speak. Have the difficult conversations. Be willing to try, fail, and try again. Be willing to take risks to do what is right.

·        Amplify. Amplify the voices of Black women among us so that their experiences are represented through all the microphones available to us.

·        Support. We will support and seek out partnerships with community organizations working for racial justice. We will follow their lead in understanding how to best contribute to a more fair and just world for all women and girls.

We invite you to participate in this effort with us. The WRC Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Taskforce leads the ongoing work of WRC’s Diversity & Inclusion Plan, a key component of the organizational strategic plan. Join us on any of the following dates for a conversation with our Taskforce Chair Bridgett Battles and Executive Director Cheryl Brubaker to learn more and share your ideas.

June 23, 2020           6:00-7:00pm     Link to register:
June 24, 2020           9:00-10:00am   Link to register:
June 25, 2020           12:00-1:00pm    Link to register: