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WRC’s mission is to assist women and girls in successfully navigating life transitions, both expected and unexpected.  For the coming year, that means helping our clients to successfully navigate the challenges of divorce, job loss and more in the midst of a pandemic.  It will require greater resolve and resources than any other year in WRC’s history.  We invite you to help us meet this challenge head on!

You can make a donation to “where needed most” or choose to donate toward one of the following goals for our 2020- 2021 fiscal year:

Resource Coordination & Counseling

Assist 110 women to leverage internal and external resources to navigate the challenges they face by providing a total of 1,750 one-to-one professional Resource Coordination & Counseling sessions (nearly double this past year.)

Family Law

Provide 200 women who may be facing divorce, custody, or support hearings the opportunity to consult with a pro bono family law attorney and help WRC establish a fund for those who cannot afford representation.


Ensure that no WRC client goes without a home or food by linking 1,000 callers with the relevant services available in their counties through WRC’s Helpline and providing emergency assistance, such as gas and grocery cards, as needed to fill the gaps in community resources.

Girls Lead

Continue to build the leaders of the future throughout the current crisis by sustaining a robust Girls Lead program through virtual instruction with 16 school partners for the 2020-2021 school year.