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You will meet with a volunteer financial coach to discuss and outline your financial goals and how to achieve them. Such goals can include budgeting, improving credit, or working towards building savings. Together, with your coach, you will determine progress toward your financial goal(s) and how often coaching is needed.

The purpose of financial coaching is to empower and change your relationship with finances. WRC volunteers will help support and guide you in building habits, setting goals, and taking steps toward your goals. Financial coaching sessions are structured to empower you to find your own solutions and have an accountability partner. WRC trains volunteers in the “Co-Active Coaching” method to assist you through curiosity, non-judgment, and forward thinking.

As a participant in financial coaching, you are driving the conversation and the process. WRC does not provide cash assistance, financial literacy courses, financial or legal advice. If you are interested in signing up for financial coaching please complete the intake form below.

For additional resources, see the Finance and Career Resources page.