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“I truly believe that all women and girls deserve a fair chance at life, and if I can play a tiny role in that I’m happy.”

WRC volunteer Christine Topping is a financial professional with Plutus Financial Group. She began volunteering with WRC in 2017 on the Finance committee and joined the board in 2018. She served for two years as Secretary of the Board, and is currently Board Vice President and has also served as Chair of our Breakthrough Breakfast event committee for the past two years.

On her motivation to volunteer for WRC:

“I truly believe that all women and girls deserve a fair chance at life, and if I can play a tiny role in that I’m happy.

I was looking to volunteer six years ago. I love the idea of helping women, and I reached out to WRC by searching online. It felt like the right fit for me.

I was very fortunate in my own upbringing. Everyone should have access to whatever they need — I connected with the financial stuff and financial abuse is a real concern. Women need access to these services and I’m super excited about the new Financial Stability program.”

The typical WRC client and the reality:

“I’m surprised when I realize how many people we are helping from this small nonprofit organization and that clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds.

It’s so easy to assume and have a picture in mind of our clients. Some of them are in their 50s, are educated but chose to stay at home and now their husband has run off and they don’t have access to their bank accounts.

Spouses (wives) need to know what’s going on (with money). It’s very empowering when women learn about money and how it works.”

On the power of hope and education:

“I’m hopeful when I see WRC’s impact videos and see that this woman is dire straits called our Helpline and got to speak with a family law attorney and the progress she was able to make – now she has a job and a new spouse and is moving forward. When the client reaches that place, that makes me feel hopeful.

Also, hearing from the girls of the Girls Lead program — they are the future and knowing more about their Leadership Projects makes me hopeful for the future in general.”

Leveling the playing field for women and girls:

“WRC’s programs and services level the playing field and women are getting help. With WRC, the woman has a toolbox. Hope continues on a greater scale.

The Girls Lead skills we teach — communication, problem solving, conflict resolution and decision making — help these young girls not end up in unfortunate scenarios. That is also making a difference.”

Thank you, Christine, for your longstanding service to WRC!

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