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My WHY and WRC

“Sometimes the world is not set up to be fair. WRC is doing change that is good.”

Mike is Manager of Catering for Business at Wawa, Inc. Mike began volunteering for WRC about two years ago, near the start of the pandemic. He is currently Co-Chair of Sponsorships for our Breakthrough Breakfast event committee and also serves on our Fund Development Committee.

Mike sums up his WHY he is involved in WRC.

“Sometimes the world is not set up to be fair. WRC is doing change that is good.”

Some more of Mike’s insights into his motivation to volunteer for WRC.

“I am surprised when I hear about some of the situations WRC clients are in. I realize that anyone can be put in these circumstances, and that it’s great to have someone to go to for assistance. I can see the impacts WRC makes when clients get into these situations. They are able to help someone get back on their feet.”

On our Girls Lead Program “I am hopeful when I see or hear stories about Girls Lead and the participants learning and developing with help to reach their goals. We need to spread this program out to as many girls as possible to make a positive impact on girls’ lives and help them reach their aspirations in life. As these girls reach goals in their life, they can inspire others.”

On WRC’s impact in the community “I am excited when I read stories how WRC can help specific clients. By helping these people, we are making an impact on their lives and other people’s lives – on the communities’ lives. With resources offered by WRC, we are helping more people, getting closer to our mission. It’s the right thing to do and sets a good example of helping those in need.”

Thank you, Mike, for your great involvement and your support!

Meet Diane

Mom, Carpenter, WRC Client

“I went from being the wife of an addict to seeing myself as someone who could provide.”

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