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“I value WRC’s work and it aligns with who I am to the core as a woman and a person.”

Bridgett Battles is the Director of Economic Inclusion at Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health. She joined WRC’s Board in 2018 and became the Chair of our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force in 2020.

For her, the importance of participating in WRC’s growth is part of her being: “I believe in WRC’s mission, vision and values. At my core, I am deeply committed to empowering women. As women, we sometimes diminish our voice for the sake of servitude. I value WRCs work and it aligns with who I am to the core as a woman and a person.”

On being a connector to empower and strengthen WRC: “I like to see myself as a connector, as being a Board member and chairing a Task Force which connects me to the staff. I believe in WRC’s work and demonstrated action. This is an organization not just of speaking to the mission but an organization of acting on the mission.”

On what motivates her to lead WRC’s DEI efforts: “I am interested when we are presented with a challenge from the perspective of digging deeper into our work and being a part of conversations around uncomfortable situations. My interest is heightened when I see us staying aligned with our mission which challenges us to make ourselves stronger and on a pathway to greatness.”

The way WRC can help ever more: “The work we do at WRC is much needed as we continue to move forward and reach into the different counties, being well prepared to do so. I have seen the commitment from staff and clients, and in my time volunteering as a Board member, I have watched the continued progress in the clients and the staff. There is a tangible impact WRC has on the community. I hear about the firsthand impact from the clients we serve. This transformational impact makes a significant difference in those that we serve and I am glad to be a part of it. The success WRC has, has become addictive.”

Thank you, Bridgett, for your guidance and all that you do for WRC and the community!

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