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“Once I retired, I wanted to continue to use my skills and knew that the right place for me was giving back at WRC.”

Diane Perrymore is a retired senior HR executive and current volunteer with WRC’s Career Services. She sums up her WHY and WRC as:

On volunteering for WRC: “My background and experience have been in the HR field for more than 25 years as a leader in the healthcare industry. My focus has always been on developing women in the workplace to achieve growth and success. I went back to school as a mature student to complete both my undergraduate and graduate degree while working and raising a family. I know the challenges that it takes and can apply that understanding while working with clients.”

I connected with WRC many years ago as an intern and never forgot the wonderful work that they accomplished. Once I retired, I wanted to continue to use my skills and knew the right place for me was giving back at WRC.”

On prompting women to see their lives differently: “I am excited when I am working with my WRC clients and a lightbulb goes off as they achieve a goal and gain more confidence. I am thrilled when they make progress and reach their goal of obtaining a job and find financial stability.

WRC’s Financial Stability Program has developed the Career Services sector and brought on additional career coaches to build a team for client support. Our team now consists of five pro bono coaches, three retired HR professionals and two working HR professionals. Our team is very motivated and passionate about giving back to the clients who face many challenges in their lives today. We are passionate about giving back, focused, and interested in helping clients reach higher goals.”

On building the Career Services at WRC: “I am very fortunate to be working with Karen Chonofsky, Program Manager of the Financial Stability Program, to build this program. We are entering our third year and offer many services from resume preparation to career counseling. Along with the additional coaches, we are setting up and adding a networking group so that clients can interact and connect in the community.

We have connected with more than 60 clients this past year. The support for this program can be long term or short term, whatever meets the needs of the client. The clients have diverse needs and this team of professionals work diligently to meet each challenge.”

On success for the women we serve: “The goal for success is seeing our clients focus on their needs, goals, and define what success means to them. We help them grown, gain confidence and motivation to take on their challenges, whether computer skills, reentry after a long absence from the workforce or just simple resume and skills training.”

On volunteering her time and expertise: “WRC is an amazing program of women helping women. I am proud to be a volunteer with the organization. It is a true reward for me and I derive great satisfaction that I an use my professional skills to help clients make their lives better.”

Thank you, Diane, for your commitment to WRC and to the women in our community!

Meet Diane

Mom, Carpenter, WRC Client

“I went from being the wife of an addict to seeing myself as someone who could provide.”

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