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Career Services

Building self-esteem

We talk about resumes and interviewing skills...but what Career Services really helps with is building self-esteem.

Career Services Participant
career services at WRC

Women's Resource Center is currently undertaking a community needs assessment process to determine how we can best provide relevant and timely career services.

In keeping with our mission statement of helping women successfully navigate life's transitions, and out of our commitment to fill the gaps of service in the communities we serve, we currently provide career programming to the residents of Mother's Home shelter in Darby. This program includes one-on-one career coaching and regular workshops for the residents of the shelter, who may be unable to attend outside programs due to pregnancy or post-partum status.

If you need support in a career transition, including goal-setting, resume-writing, interviewing skills or related help, please phone our Helpline at 610-687-6391. A Helpline staff member will direct you to one of our affiliated career coaches or to a resource in your community that can provide those services.