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Volunteer Girls Lead Program Director, Kristen Burd holds a B.A. degree in Psychology and M.B.A degree. She has held a corporate position in sales management with Johnson and Johnson, is an entrepreneur and small business owner as well as a non-profit fundraiser and volunteer having collaborated with US and international NGO’s. She brings a global perspective to leadership and strongly values diversity having recently returned to her hometown in the Philadelphia suburbs after living abroad for 5 years. Kristen is a mother of two young adult children, an avid runner, a curious traveler and creator of art and design.

As Volunteer Program Director of the Women Resource Center’s Girls Lead program, Kristen brings her diverse perspective, as well as her organizational and marketing expertise, to expanding the Girls Lead program in area schools, managing curriculum updates and changes, leading communication and discussion with curriculum facilitators and with school administrators, and bringing together the annual Girls Lead conference. She is a proponent of diversity, equity and inclusion in the Girls Lead curriculum as well as in its implementation, which includes meaningfully contextualizing role-playing activities and scenario exercises for the girls.