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Kayla has worked diligently in the direction of empowering clients to attain financial stability while steering them towards a deeper connection within their family and community.

Volunteering throughout this past year within the Women’s Resource Center (WRC), has motivated Kayla to formally join the WRC as a Financial Coach which will allow her greater latitude to serve women within this arena. Leveraging her skills/experiences in both the investment world and real estate market, Kayla will be permanently dedicated to her clients and their financial well-being. She will strive to encourage them to establish a healthy relationship with their finances; thus, empowering them to make smarter, stronger, and more strategic decisions to propel them towards a brighter economic future.

Kayla’s deep financial knowledge was cultivated during her employment with the Vanguard organization learning that the mission was “to take a stand for all investors, to treat them fairly, and to give them the best chance for investment success.” For more than 6 years she chased this mission and was a highly effective employee in a variety of roles stemming from a position within Relationship Consultant for the High-Net-Worth Division and ended in a leadership role overseeing a large financial operations group. Kayla ended her relationship with Vanguard to pursue a position within the real estate sector as a local agent. Presently, Kayla continues as a realtor and enjoys working with families across our counties assisting them in making smart, strong, and strategic investment decisions within all nuances of an ever changing real estate market.

With a fixed mindset towards being a proactive coach, she will educate her clients on how resourceful, resilient, and capable they are as individuals, along with the understanding that coupling of these qualities/beliefs will lend to a more creative financial result. By developing effective working relationships, together they will collaborate to recognize personal goals, small actionable steps to accomplish these goals, and develop a path forward plan to maintain accountability and long-term financial stability. Kayla is excited to join the WRC as a Financial Coach and looks forward to assisting women in her area and from all walks of life towards becoming more resourceful, resilient, and financial independence.