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Five Little Things

Hello, Friends of WRC!

Thanks for visiting our blog. You all do so much for our organization, and we so appreciate it. Without you, we would not be able to serve over 2,400 girls and women a year. We are trying to strengthen Women’s Resource Center so that we can better execute our mission. To this end, we need help in providing more services to women in need and in gaining financial support.

If you’re looking for a simple way you can contribute to this effort, below are some ideas.

Five Little Things You Can Do To Help Support WRC


      1.    “Like” us on Facebook ( ), and share at least ONE post per week. We’d like to get up to 700 “Likes” by 7/7 . We currently have 491. When you share, you help promote WRC.

       2.    Subscribe to our email newsletter, and forward each issue to at least five people who may have an interest in what we’re doing. To subscribe, enter your email address at this link:

       3. Become a member. We ask that everyone who volunteers for WRC join. Membership details are available here: Call us to join. I’d like for us to reach at least 100 members by July 1st– currently we have 13 for the upcoming fiscal year.

       4.  Make it a mission to talk to at least ONE new person each week about WRC. Jot down a list of people who may be interested. Not sure what to say? Here’s a goo start:

      For nearly 40 years, the Women’s Resource Center has supported women at critical transition points in their lives. When a woman is in crisis, she can feel alone and paralyzed.  We walk alongside her providing guidance, education, resources and connection.  Whether it’s building the confidence of a middle school girl, empowering a woman to embark on a new career, enhancing the parenting skills of a single mother, or providing legal services for a woman coming out of marriage, we meet women where they are and give them the tools to navigate their future. 

      WRC is a small organization making a big impact. We are women investing in women.  By leveraging the power of hundreds of committed volunteers we provide hope and direction to thousands of women and girls annually. WRC is proactive.  We identify immediate needs and develop real-time programs to meet those needs.  And we make those programs accessible to all women regardless of their situation. But our value lies in more than the services we provide, it is in the way we provide them.  We treat every woman with respect.  We believe in her strength.  Because a strong woman is the foundation of a strong family and strong families are the building blocks of strong communities!


         5.  Distribute program cards and fliers. Potential places? Libraries, churches/synagogues, township buildings, doctor/dentist/therapist offices, schools/daycares, cafes, community centers, YMCAs/gyms, etc. Have a conversation with a staff person while you’re there. If you can follow up by replacing fliers, removing old ones, adding fresh ones every few weeks, better still. Come in to WRC to pick some up, or call and we’ll send you some.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. Please consider how your efforts may help WRC reach more women in need. It takes a village, and we’re glad  you’re part of ours! J